AGILENT N5742A DC System Power Supply, $ 1,025
8V, 90A, 720W, universal AC input, GPIB, LAN, USB interfaces.

HP 10432A 10:1 300MHz Probe, in pouch w/ manual & accessories $ 45

HP 10441A 500MHz 10X Probe, like new in pouch with ground lead, $ 60
grabber, spare tip, and manual.

HP 11600B Transistor Fixture for 8754A S-parameter test set. DC-2GHz. $ 150
Includes all four bases, in storage case. Excellent.

HP 1332A CRT Display, $225
High-resolution display module with options 110 (50 Ohm XY inputs),
210 (50 Ohm Z input), and 315 (installed in HP System II half-rack
cabinet). Nice sharp display.

HP 16055A Test Fixture, for general device measurements w/ HP 4140B and $ 125
4141B source/meters. Provides electrostatic and light shielding for
stable pA measurements.

HP 1630G Logic Analyser, 65 channels, 25MHz state / 100MHz timing $ 265
analysis. Includes three 10271A State probes, one 10272A State/Timing
probes, three 10273A State/Timing probes, two clip sets (16 lines),
and storage pouch. Excellent.

HP 16344A 1MHz Phase Standard,  $ 625
Provides two stable 1MHz sinewaves that can be stepped in 22.5º phase offsets
for calibration of phase-measuring instruments.

HP 16500A Logic Analyser mainframe, with cpu board, GPIB and serial $ 250
i/o, front & rear floppies, nice color display, with pouch (no
software), very nice.

HP 16520A Digital Pattern Generator plugin, up to 50Mbit/sec data $ 295
rate from a 4k memory, 15 channels (expandable). Includes two
16520-61602 output connectors and one 16520-61601 input. Appears
to be unused.

HP 16521A Digital Pattern Generator Expander plugin, adds 46 channels $ 275
to the HP 16520A. Includes two 16520-61602 output connectors and
one 16520-61601 input. Appears to be unused.

HP 16530A Digitizing Timebase plugin for HP 16500A/B Logic Analysers. $ 250
Use with the 16531A plugin for simultaneous sampling of up to 8
channels at once. Excellent.

HP 16531A Digitizing Oscilloscope plugin for HP 16500A/B Logic $ 250
Analysers, turns it into a full-featured 2-channel DSO with 400MS/
sec sample rate, 100MHz analog and single-shot bandwidth, and 4k
sample memory depth per channel. Excellent.

HP 16532A Digitizing Oscilloscope plugin for HP 16500A/B Logic $ 350
Analysers, turns it into a full-featured 2-channel DSO with 1GSa/
sec sample rate, 250MHz analog and single-shot bandwidth, and
8k sample memory depth per channel. Excellent.

HP 28615A Fiber-Optic Link card for HP 9000 systems $ 40

HP 3310B Function Generator, $ 125
Versatile 5mHz analog generator with start/stop phase triggered burst.

HP 3324A Synthesized Function/Sweep Generator, $ 350
21MHz synthesized generator, multi-interval sweeper, master/slave capable,
3325B software compatible.

HP 3325B Synthesizer/Function Generator
– with option 001 (High Stability Reference)  $ 400

HP 3326A Two-Channel Synthesizer
Two independent 0-13MHz synthesizers with flexible modulation and control features.
– standard unit, $ 595

HP 3336C Synthesizer / Level Generator with opts 004 and 005, $ 450
Precision level control and high spectral purity from 10Hz – 21MHz, front
panel or GPIB control. Option 004 adds an ovenized frequency reference and
Option 005 reduces attenuator step inaccuracy by half and improves flatness
to 0.07dB.

HP 3400A True RMS AC Voltmeter, $ 140
10Hz-10MHz frequency range, 1mV-300V full-scale amplitude ranges.

HP 3457A Multimeter, 7-1/2 digits, GPIB or front panel operation.
– standard unit $ 375
– with 44491A multiplexer $425

HP 3467A 4-channel Logging Multimeter with builtin printer and $ 110
extended math functions.

HP 3478A Multimeter, $ 185
Compact 30,000-count 5-1/2 digits, True RMS AC, GPIB.

HP 3488A Switch/Control Unit, nice clean unit with rack ears. See $ 75
overview with pics at: HP 3488A
Plugin cards for the HP 3488A Switch/Control Unit (all include terminal block):
HP 44470A 10-ch. Relay Multiplexer with terminal block (3488A) $ 60
HP 44471A 10-ch. Relay Multiplexer with terminal block (3488A) $ 65
HP 44472A Dual 4-ch. VHF Switch (DC-300MHz, 50 Ohms) $ 75
HP 44473A 4×4 Matrix Switch with connector block (3488A) $ 75
HP 44474A Digital I/O with terminal block (3488A) $ 60

HP 3497A Data Acquisition/Control Unit
– with opt. 001 5.5 digit DVM & current source, $ 295

Plugin cards for the 3497A (all include terminal block):
HP 44422A 20 channel Relay Mux w/thermocouple compensation $ 55
HP 44425A 16-Channel Isolated Digital Input module $ 50
HP 44426A Counter $ 75
HP 44428A 16-Channel Actuator Output $ 50
HP 44429A Dual Voltage D/A $ 75
HP 44430A Dual Current D/A $ 75
HP 44431A 8-ch. AC Actuator $ 55

HP 353A Patch Panel, a great general-purpose tool with an excellent $ 60
set of line-level transformers inside.

HP 35650A Signal Analyzer Mainframe, 8 slots $ 295

HP 35650B Signal Analyzer Mainframe, 4 slots $ 275

HP 35655A Input Module, 8 channels simultaneously sampled, 12.5kHz $ 295
max bandwidth. Includes BNC breakout box and cable.

HP 37203A HPIB Extender with Option 001 Fiberoptic Interface $ 100

HP 37204A Multi-point HPIB Extender
– with Option 001 (fiberoptic port, SMA connectors) $ 100

HP 3852A Data Acquisition/Control Unit
– standard unit $ 265
– with Option 002 (1MB Extended Memory) $ 275
Plugin cards for the 3852A/3853A (all include connector block):
HP 44701A 5-1/2 digit DVM plugin $ 195
HP 44702A 13-bit High-Speed Voltmeter plugin w/ Enhanced firmware $ 150
HP 44702B 13-bit High-Speed Voltmeter plugin $ 150
HP 44705A 20-channel Relay Multiplexer $ 65
HP 44706A 60-channel Relay Multiplexer $ 85
HP 44708A 20-Channel Relay Mux w/ T’couple Compensation $ 75
HP 44708F 20-Channel Relay Mux w/ T’couple Compensation $ 95
HP 44710A 20-Channel FET Mux w/ T’couple Compensation $ 85
HP 44713A 24-Channel High Speed FET Mux w/ T-couple Comp. $ 95
HP 44713B 24-Channel High Speed FET Mux w/ option 3 Noise Filter $ 110
HP 44715A 5-Channel Counter/Totalizer $ 95
HP 44718A 350 Ohm Strain Gage Relay Mux $ 90
HP 44721A 16-Channel Digital Input (Brand New) $ 110
HP 44723A 32-Channel Digital Sense/Control $ 80
HP 44725A 16-Channel General Purpose Switch $ 65
HP 44726A 2-Channel Arbitrary Waveform DAC $ 85
HP 44727A 4-Ch. Voltage/Current DAC $ 85
HP 44727B 4-Channel Voltage/Current DAC $ 85
HP 44728A 8-Channel Relay Actuator (switches AC or DC) $ 75
HP 44736A Breadboard plugin, roll your own $ 65

HP 4140B pA Meter/DC Voltage Source, $ 820
Precision picoammeter and two programmable dc voltage sources, one of which
sweeps/ramps. GPIB or front panel control.

HP 4141B DC Source/Monitor, four channel GPIB programmable DC $ 725
voltage/current source (±100uV to ±100V, 50fA to ±100mA) & two
channel voltage monitoring with timing control.

HP 41425B Analog Feedback Unit, $ 125
Analog feedback plugin for the 4142B Source/Monitor Unit.

HP 4195A Network / Spectrum Analyzer, $ 3,250
10Hz-500Mhz spectrum and vector network measurements. Color display, front
panel or GPIB control.  With all cables and operating manual.

HP 4285A LCZ Meter,  $4,350
75kHz to 30MHz in 100Hz steps, .1% basic accuracy, wide range of test signal and DC bias,
HPIB. Has option 002 (Bias Current Control Interface). Current model, see specs here.

HP 4800A Vector Impedance Meter, direct-reading 1 Ohm-10MegOhm and $ 375
+- 90 degrees phase from 5Hz to 500kHz. In excellent condition and
good cal, with operating instructions.

HP 4815A RF Vector Impedance Meter, direct reading of impedance and
phase from 1 ohm to 100k Ohms overs the 500KHz-108MHz frequency
– one mainframe only (tested good) $ 325

HP 5316A Universal Counter, 2-channels, 100MHz, 7 digits/sec. counting,
excellent low-freq. resolution, in desktop case with GPIB.
– w/ options 003 (1GHz C-channel) and 004 (Ovenized time base) $ 220

HP 5334B Universal Counter, 9 digits/second resolution, GPIB, with $ 275
option 010 (ovenized reference) and 030 (1.3GHz C channel). Has
one minor front panel blemish but otherwise very good.

HP 5335A Universal Counter/Timer. 200MHz, 9 digit resolution, math functions,
direct phase measurement (to 1MHz), etc.
– with option 010 (ovenized TCXO) and 020 (DVM), $ 375
– with option 020 (DVM) and 040 (expanded HPIB control), $ 395
– with option 010 (ovenized TCXO), 030 (1.3GHz C-channel), and 040 (expanded
HPIB control), $ 450

HP 5353A C Channel plugin for 5345A counter, same 500MHz BW as the $ 85
the mainframe.

HP 54112D Color Digital Scope, $ 550
Four channels with 400MSa/sec 100MHz BW, 64K memory depth each. Logic triggering
functions, GPIB.

HP 54201A Digital Scope,  $ 275
300MHz repetitive, 50MHz single shot, two channels, one-touch autoscaling, waveform math,
direct plotting to HP plotters. With manual and pouch.

HP 54503A Digital Scope, $ 325
2 channels, 500MHz BW, 20 MSa/sec, waveform math, one-touch autoscaling, direct plotting
to HP plotters.

HP 54510B Digital Scope,  $ 395
2 ch. simultaneous 1 GSa/s sampling, 300MHz bandwidth, 1mV to 5V/div sensitivity. New battery.

HP 54601A Digital Scope, $275
Four channels, 100MHz BW, 2mV sensitivity , with 54657A HPIB Interface module.
Nice compact unit.

HP 54610A Digital Scope, $350
Two channels, 500MHz BW, 2mV sensitivity , with 54652A Parallel Interface module.
Nice compact unit.

HP 59401A GPIB Bus System Analyzer, exercise and troubleshoot your $ 100

HP 59501B Isolated DAC Power Supply Programmer, $60
Allows GPIB remote programming of many HP power supplies.

HP 59510A Relay Accessory, for remote-controlled relay switching $ 175
of DC power supplies or emergency fault shutdown.

HP 6002A DC Power Supply with option 001 GPIB interface, $ 375
0-50V @ 10A, 200 watts max. CV/CC, metered.

HP 6023A System Power Supply, $ 350
0-20V/0-30A, 200W max, half rack width.

HP 6024A System Power Supply, $ 295
0-60V/0-10A, 200W max, half rack width.

HP 6038A System Power Supply,  $ 495
0-60V/0-10A, 240 watts  max, front panel or GPIB operation.

HP 6111A Precision DC Power Supply, 0-20V @ 1A max, four digit plus $ 150
vernier voltage control, metered.

HP 6112A Precision DC Power Supply, 0-40V @ .5A max, four digit plus $ 175
vernier voltage control, metered.

HP 6115A Precision DC Power Supply, 0-50V @ .8A or 50-100V @ .4A, $ 225
four digit plus vernier voltage control, metered.

HP 6116A Precision DC Power Supply, 0-100V @ 200mA max, four digit $ 225
plus vernier voltage control, metered.

HP 6140A Digital Current Source with option J99 (BCD interface), $ 250
0-10mA and 0-100mA ranges, 4 digits resolution, rackmount.
Includes HP 59301A Ascii to Parallel Converter.

HP 6209B Power Supply, $ 225
0-320 VDC @ 100mA max, metered, nice compact unit.

HP 6253A Dual Power Supply, each side 0-20VDC @ 3A $ 190

HP 6261B Power Supply, 0-20 Volts @ 50 Amps max. Has option 026 $ 395
(115VAC input). Metered, rackmount.

HP 6264B Power Supply, 0 – 20 VDC @ 20 Amps max. Has options 022 $ 375
(V&I programming adjustments) and 040 (Multiprogrammer interface).
Metered, rackmount.

HP 6266B Power Supply, 0 – 40 VDC @ 5 Amps max, metered, rackmount. $ 185

HP 6267B Power Supply, 0 – 40 VDC @ 10 Amps max, metered, rackmount. $ 275

HP 6271B Power Supply, 0 – 60 VDC @ 3 Amps max, metered, rackmount. $ 200

HP 6291A Power Supply, 0-40 VDC @ 5 A max, compact 1/2 rack width $ 170

HP 6296A Power Supply, 0-60 VDC @ 3 A max, compact 1/2 rack width $ 155

HP 6443B Power Supply, $ 295
0-120VDC @ 2.5A max, metered, rackmount.

HP 6516A DC Power Supply, 0-3000V at 6mA max. Precise 3 digit plus $ 295
vernier voltage setting, metered output.

HP 6525A DC Power Supply, 0-4000V at 50mA max. Precise 3 digit plus $ 350
vernier voltage setting, metered output.

HP 6554A Programmable Power Supply, $ 575
0-60VDC @ 9A max output, GPIB or front panel control. Current model, see complete
specs and download manuals here

HP 6555A Programmable Power Supply, $ 550
0-120VDC @ 4A max output, GPIB or front panel control. See complete specs and
download manuals here

HP 6574A Programmable Power Supply,  $ 895
0-60VDC @ 35A max output, 191-250VAC input, GPIB or front panel control.

HP 6625A Dual Precision DC Power Supply, $ 495
Two GPIB programmable 25 or 50W low ripple/noise outputs, with rack ears.

HP 6627A Quad DC Power Supply, $ 575
Four GPIB programmable 0V/2A or 50V/0.8A 40W outputs, with rack ears.

HP 6632A Programmable Power Supply, $ 280
0-20VDC 5A max output,  GPIB or front panel control, with rack ears.

HP 6644A Programmable Power Supply, $ 450
0-60VDC @ 3.5A max output, GPIB or front panel control. Current model, see complete
specs and download manuals here

HP 6654A Programmable Power Supply, $ 550
0-60VDC @ 9A max output, GPIB or front panel control. Current model, see complete
specs and download manuals here

HP 6824A Power Supply / Amplifier, $ 225
As a power supply, it generates +50 to -50 volts at 1.0 Amp max. As an amplifier, it offers
20dB gain from DC-10 kHz.

HP 7041A XY Recorder, high-speed plotter with options 005 and 011 $ 295
(500mV/in input ranges), 038 (control panel) and 040 (rear
connector for external control of most functions), includes the
plug for the opt 040 connector.

HP 7090A Measurement Plotting System, $495
3 channels, floating inputs, 12-bit resolution, GPIB, with carousel.

HP 70902A IF Section, 10 Hz-300 kHz resolution bandwidths, HP 70000 $ 595
series systems. With connecting cables.

HP 7470A Plotter
– with RS-232 interface $ 95

HP 7475A plotter
– with RS-232 interface $ 95
– with option 002 (GPIB interface) $ 150

HP 8111A Pulse/Function Generator with opt 001, $ 275
1Hz-20MHz, 32Vpp output, program via front panel or GPIB. Has option 001
Burst Mode.

HP 82937A HPIB Interfacefor HP 85 computers $ 35

HP 8350B Sweep Generator mainframe, versatile sweep, mod, and CW $ 425
control for all HP 83500 series plug-ins. Front panel and GPIB

HP 83540A RF Plugin for 8350B sweeper, 2.0-8.4 GHz, >+16 dBm output, $ 450

HP 8447D opt 001 Dual Amplifier, $ 350
Two independent preamps with 1300MHz BW, 50 Ohms in and out, 25dB gain.

HP 8447A Amplifier, $ 125
Single channel 400MHz, 50 Ohms in and out, 20dB gain.

HP 8648A Signal Generator,  $ 695
100kHz to 1GHz fully synthesized signal source, +10 to -136 dBm output,  internal
modulation source, HPIB. With option 1EP Pager Encoder.

HP 86241A RF Plugin, 3.2-6.5GHz, in nice shape $ 270

HP 86242D RF Plugin, 5.9-9.0GHz, 10dBm output $ 295

HP 86602B 1-1300MHz RF Section with opt. 002 (adds phase modulation) $ 250

HP 8761A 18 GHz SPDT Switch (SPDT) with opt. 555 SMA(f) connectors $ 50

HP 88396 SCSI to Parallel Interface with cable, powers up but unable $ 23
to test.

HP 89100A Temperature Controller, accessory used with the HP 8450A $ 150

HP 908A 50 Ohm, 2 Watt Termination, DC – 4Ghz, with data. $ 50

HP 9121D Dual Disc Drive, used by many HP computers & analyzers $ 110

HP 9133H Hard Drive w/ Floppy Drive,  $ 260
20MB HDD with 3.5″ SS/DD floppy, both tested good.

HP 9413A VHF Switch with eight 94130B 1×8 500MHz VHF Switch modules $ 150

HP 98032A 16 Bit IO Interface $ 50

HP 98034A HPIB Interface $ 50

HP 98036A RS232C Interface $ 65

HP 9836C Color Monitor only. $ 150

HP 9845B/C accessories:
09845-66526 128 kB RAM memory card $ 40
09845-69590 512 kB RAM memory card $ 95
Structured Software Systems Mass Storage ROM, allows use of 912x $ 150
and 913x disk drives with the 9845 via GPIB.
Structured Software Systems Programmer’s Tool Kit ROM adds many $ 95
essential language extensions for programming and maintenence.

HP 98625B Disc Interface plugin $ 50

HP 9878A I/O Expander for HP 9800-series computers $ 60

HP 10833B 2-meter shielded GPIB cables $ 22

HP 92220R 1/2 meter shielded GPIB cable w/ one end right angle $ 20

HP 44462A 8-channel Mux, 2-channel Actuator & 44463A connector block, $ 45
plugin for HP 3421A.

HP E1301A (75000 Series B) 7-slot VXI Mainframe with front panel $ 195
keyboard & display, GPIB & RS-232 interfaces, with rack ears and
handles, excellent. Drivers from Agilent:HP 75000 series drivers

HP E1406B VXI System Command Module with GPIB, serial, C-size frames $ 250

HP E1411B C-Series VXI Multimeter. 5-1/2 digits, dual A/D’s, $ 295
balanced diff inputs. Current product: see complete specs here.

HP E1427A C-Series VXI Digitizer, 2 GSa/Sec $ 750

HP E1445A C-Series VXI Arbitrary Function Generator, 40 MSa/sec, $ 675
13-bit resolution, 256K sample memory, sequencer, sweep, 20 VPP

HP E1476A 64-Channel 3-Wire TC Mux, card edge connector (terminal $ 50
block) only.

HP E1490B Breadboard VXI Module $ 75

HP E4208A VXI SCSI Disk Module, two SCSI-II ports and one HD 3.5″ $ 170
floppy drive.

HP X375A Variable Attenuator $ 50

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