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Frequently Asked Questions

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How To Place an Order?

The majority of my business is repeat orders with long-time customers. I look forward to establishing relations and counting you among them. As you well know, it is by far the most efficient way to operate for both of us.

Place your order by email or by phone  Contact Us.

Payment methods accepted are:
: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards are accepted.
: Bank transfer. It’s required for some international transactions.
: Check. Some folks prefer to pay the old fashioned way… which is fine.

Some basic information is needed to process and ship your order. You can cut-and-paste the following template into your email.

Ship-to address (exactly as it should appear on the shipping label)
City, State, Zip:
Daytime phone number:

How is the Site Organized?

Pages are organized by manufacturer, with a separate page for Power Products due to their sheer diversity and numbers. Equipment on each page is listed in alphanumeric order.

How Does the Search Box Work?

Search uses case-insensitive pattern matching, and produces a list of links to pages that contain one or more matches. So, for example, searching for “amp” will match up with “amp”, “Amp”, “Amplifier”, “Sampling”,”Preamp”… i.e. anything that contains the letters “amp” in succession. Click on one of the search result links to see the page.

Once on a page, you can scroll though the alphanumeric listing, or use your browser’s “Find in page” function. It’s in the “Edit” or “Browser Toolbar” menu. The keyboard shortcut for Windows, Linux, and Chrome users is Control+F, and for Mac it is Cmd+F.

Generally speaking, the shorter and more concise the search target, the better (i.e. use “scope” instead of “oscilloscope”). Searching for specific model numbers tends to work well. If the model number contains punctuation marks, try variants with and without them. Try commonly-used acronyms; DMM for Digital MultiMeter, DSO for Digital Sampling Oscilloscope, etc.

And you’re always welcome to call or drop me an email with what you’re looking for.

What is the Warranty?

Everything offered here is guaranteed for proper operation, unless stated otherwise in the item’s description. The warranty is 10 days from receipt. It is designed to give you sufficient time to use the item and have confidence that it is working properly. It is not a try-out period, nor a provision to accommodate changing of minds. It is a return-or-replace guarantee for equipment that doesn’t work properly.

Who Are You Guys?

Please see “About Us” (coming Soon).


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