KEITHLEY 175 Autoranging Multimeter, 4-1/2 digits, 300KHz True RMS $ 95
RMS AC w/ dB, with GPIB option, good cal, very nice.

KEITHLEY 260 Nanovolt Source,  $ 195
1nV to 1.11V, 3 digits resolution in nine ranges.

KEITHLEY 485 Picoammeter, $ 325
2nA – 2mA FS ranges, auto-ranging, display has minor blemish but reads fine

KEITHLEY 705 Scanner w/ GPIB. Has two 7054 High-Voltage cards, and $ 275
includes a few cables with HV-BNC connectors and one Keithley triax

KEITHLEY 7164 20-channel Scanner card for 706 Scanner $ 60

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