OTHER Mfr’s (A – J)

ADRET 3300A Synthesizer, 300Hz-60MHz, 1Hz resolution, high stability $ 175
ovenized reference, 10dB/step attenuator, internal modulation generator
(AM/FM), excellent. (worked fine for me down to 5 Hz…)

AMPLIFIER RESEARCH AR 25A250A-M6 RF Power Amplifier, $4,975
Broadband RF power amplifier, 10kHz-300MHz, 25 Watts into 50 Ohms,
Front panel level control,  like-new condition. US only. See specs here.

AVCOM PSA-39A Portable Spectrum Analyzer,  $ 595
950-2050 MHz, +15dBm max, 1-100MHz/div span, digital frequency readout.
Battery doesn’t hold a charge, but otherwise excellent. AVCOM’s website is here

BALDOR 1/6 HP 1725 RPM 115/230 VAC Single Phase Open Frame Motor, $ 65
BRAND NEW. Current model, see specs at: Baldor specs

BLUE-M CO8A-3-10 Oven,  $ 175
50C-260C temps, 8″x8″x8″ internal, benchtop, nice.

BMI 4800 Powerscope Graphic Environment Monitor, $ 375
Self-contained 4 channel power line disturbance analyzer & 8 channel environmental
monitor. Graphs sags, surges, impulses, waveshape faults, voltage line frequency
errors and high frequency noise. With probes and soft travel case. Order a power
signatures handbook here

BRUEL & KJAER 2033 High Resolution Signal Analyser,  $ 595
400-line FFT’s, DC-10Hz to DC-20kHz, 10kSample input memory, pushbutton
10X zoom, scan analysis moves the 1024-point window through 10240-point input
buffer, external tracking, IEEE-488 I/O, big 11-in. crt, autoranging input has
B&K mic preamp and direct line level input.

BRUEL & KJAER 2313 Graphics Recorder with BZ 7006 Application Pack $ 235
plugin for B&K 2032/2034 Spectrum Analysers and 7400 Digital
Cassette Recorder. Prints screen dumps on A4-width paper. RS-232
and IEEE-488 interfaces.

CAMBRIDGE TECHNOLOGY 520 LC Meter/Comparator,  $ 170
Aauto-ranging, 120Hz &1kHz frequencies, full-scale ranges 200pf-2000mfd and
200uH-2000H, adjustable 0-10VDC bias, limits for hi, lo, and D. In excellent
shape and good cal.

DAYTRONIC 9005 Mainframe, $ 175
Has one 9163 Analog Input and one 9259 Peak-Track-Hold module.

DYNATECH Remote Controller, two-bus switcher, RS-232 inputs, manual $ 50

EG&G / PAR 5104 Lockin Amplifier,  $ 425
5Hz – 20kHz, 100uV-3V full-scale input ranges, auto-tracking, digital readouts,
GPIB i/o. With op/service manual.

EG&G/PRINCETON APPLIED RESEARCH 5209 Lockin Amplifier,  $ 695
Voltage and current mode inputs, 0.5Hz-120kHz, 10nV-3V full-scale ranges
(with expand), single-ended of diff input, RS-232 and GPIB
i/o, with op/programming manual. Current Signal Recovery model,
see specs here.

ESI DC57 Decade Capacitor , $ 350
0 to 1.111uF “Dekapacitor ” in 1nF steps, 1% accuracy, 30pF residual, 500VDC max voltage.

FASCO 1/20 HP 1050 RPM 115VAC 60Hz Single Phase Motor, BRAND NEW $ 30

GIGATRONICS 905 Signal Source,  $ 950
Indirect synthesis signal generator covering 50MHz – 18GHz, control via front panel
or GPIB.  Has options 03 (1kHz resolution), 06 (High Stability Time Base), and 10
(+10 to -99dBm output). See 900-series specs here.

GUILDLINE 9347/1M 7-Decade Resistance Standard,  $1,350
0.1 Ohm to 1 MegOhm with 0.01% basic accuracy, excellent.

ICS 4887 IEEE-488 Bus Extender, GPIB to optical or coax converter $ 65

IFI (Instruments for Industry) M1700 Linear Wideband Amplifier, $ 895
Two channels, 1MHz to 30MHz, 280 watts. CH 2 has slightly higher quiescent noise than CH 1,
but they both work fine.

IOTECH Digital488HS/32 GPIB to 32-Bit Digital I/O Interface. High $ 135
speed (1MB/sec) transfers to/from GPIB to TTL & HTCMOS w/ status
and control lines. Download the manual here: 488HS/32 manual

ITHACO Dynatrac 393/03 Lock-in Analyzer,  $ 295
reference oscillator 1Hz-100Hz, with opt. 03 rear-panel Phase output (10mV/deg).

ITHACO 3961 Two-Phase Lockin Amplifier,  $ 750
10Hz-100kHz in four ranges,  auto-ranging inputs, auto-tracking filter (LP, HP, BP),
with digital displays, GPIB and RS-232 remote control, excellent.

ITHACO 4213 Electronic Filter,  $ 250
1Hz-100kHz Hipass, 1Hz-1 MHz Lopass configurable as bandpass (unity gain) or band
reject. Has option 02 Amplifier (0-40dB gain). Price is for two 4213 filters on a
common rackmount. Download the manual here

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