OTHER Mfr’s (K – Z)

KOEP Trancell VI VTS6001-1-2-LN  DC Voltage Reference, $ 325
Ovenized DC standard with 1, 1.018, and 10V low-noise outputs. Can be powered by
120VAC, external 12V DC source, or an internal 12V 2.3Ah SLA battery.

LEADER 5870 Vector/Waveform Monitor, two-channel NTSC Vectorscope $ 150
with digital SCH phase readout, excellent.

MINI-CIRCUITS ZSC-2-1 (15542) 50 Ohm Power Splitters/Combiner, $ 23
.1MHz to 400MHz, excellent. See specs at: ZSC-2-1 Specs

NOISECOM UFX7111 Programmable Noise Generator, $1,395
1 GHz to 2 GHz noise source with GPIB and opt 5 (Input connector and resistive combiner)
and programmable two band-limiting filters. See specs here.

OMEGA CL24 Calibrator/Thermometer, handheld unit for calibrating K, $ 250
J, T, and E thermocouples. In travel case with leads and adapters.
Current unit, see specs, download manual here

ORTEC BROOKDEAL 9452 Precision AC Amplifier, 100 MegOhm input, $ 225
builtin switchable hipass and lopass filters, unity to 100dB gain,
metered output.

PACIFIC MEASUREMENTS 1045 RF Power Meter, 4 selectable inputs, 1MHz- $ 195
26.5GHZ, GPIB, 0.1uW – 10W ranges. Excellent but without detectors.

PALO ALTO RESEARCH Model 200 Two-Phase Lock-In Amplifier, $ 775
Two input channels, 0.5Hz – 100kHz frequency range, external or internal synthesized oscillator
reference, numeric and bar graph displays, front panel or remote control via GPIB or RS-232.

PRECISION FILTERS INC. System 616 Programmable Multi-Channel Filter $ 295
system, local and GPIB control. Has twelve channels of 616-02-LP1
10Hz-130kHz 80dB/octave low pass filter cards installed, xlnt.

PRAGMATIC (Tegam) 2414A Arbitrary Waveform Generator, $ 410
20MHz clock, 128K buffer, 20 std waveforms, 12-bit resolution, with GPIB and
waveform sequencing options. See op manual here.

PROGRAMMED TEST SOURCES PTS250 Frequency Synthesizer, 1 – 250 MHz.
Current model, see specs here.
– model MJO1GEY has options M (manual & remote control, front panel $ 460
output), J (Direct Digital Synthesis with 1Hz resolution), O (OXCO
timebase 3x10E-9/day), 1 (120VAC 50-400Hz operation), G (GPIB remote
control), E (three extra 10MHz outputs on rear panel, Y (external
phase control for multiple units).
– model M7O1G has options M (manual & remote control, front panel $ 450
output), 7 (0.1Hz resolution), O (OXCO timebase 3x10E-9/day),
1 (120VAC 50-400Hz operation), G (GPIB remote control).

SOLAR ELECTRONICS 6254-5S RFI Transient Generator,  $325
Generator for transient susceptibility testing to meet f MIL-STD-461A/4,
MSFC-STD-27, and other standards.

SYSTRON DONNER M107 Precision DC Voltage Source, $ 495
1µV to 1kV output with 6-digit resolution and 0.002% accuracy in all ranges,
50 mA max. current, polarity switch, all under GPIB or front panel control.
With op/service manual (pdf).

SYSTRON DONNER 6100 Counter Timer (200 MHz) w/ DVM option, 10-digit $ 175
display, and GPIB. Pretty much the same features set as HP 5335A.

TECH SPRAY Inc. #1944 UV Curing System, with UV wand, builtin $ 195
timer, less than 80 hours of use. Same as Electro-Lite ELC600.

TECHRON 7521 Power Supply Amplifier,  $ 425
single channel, 250 watts into 4 Ohms, DC-25kHz bandwidth, CV/CC operation.
See op/service manual here.

TEGAM PRT-10C Programmable RatioTran, high-linearity (±2ppm) ratio $ 325
transformer with six digits resolution under GPIB or BCD control.
With programming instructions sheet. (The PRT-10 was also made by
Eaton and Gertsch). See specs here

TRANSISTOR DEVICES INC (TDI) DLF100-600-4000 Dynaload, $ 1,450
Electronic load rated at 1.2-100 Volts, 0-600 Amps, and 4,000 Watts max.

TRANSISTOR DEVICES TDI DLP50-150-3000A Dynaload, $ 595
0-50V, 0-150A, 3000W max electronic load, normal and pulse modes.

TRANSISTOR DEVICES INC (TDI) DLR 50-15-150A Dynaload,  $ 195
0-50V, 15A, 150W max.

VALHALLA 2000 Autoranging Watt-Ammeter,  $ 250
True RMS line monitor/power meter with digital readouts. 1mA – 20 amps, 2 kW max.

WAYNE KERR 4250 LCR Meter,  $ 465
WK’s best benchtop impedance meter has 120Hz-100KHz frequencies, builtin Kelvin
fixture plus 4-terminal BNC connectors, open/short fixture compensation, 5-digit
display, internal 2VDC bias, 30 test setup memories, binning, RS-232 and GPIB
interfaces, with op/program manual, excell

WEINSCHEL 1515 2-way Broadband Resistive Power Divider, $ 95
DC-18GHz,  SMA(f) connectors.

W-H ASSOC. D-102H High Voltage Divider, 5KV max input, 500:1 and $ 55
5K:1 outputs, metered.

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