ANALOGIC 2020-100 Polynomial Waveform Synthesizer, $ 420
Generates standard and arbitrary waveforms created from math equations, or loaded
via GPIB. 100MSa/sec max rate, 12 bit resolution, 128K data points, with
op/programming manual.

DATA PRECISION 610 2-channel 14-bit 100kS/S digitizing plugin $ 140

DATA PRECISION 611 4-channel 14-bit 100kS/S digitizing plugin $ 160

DATA PRECISION 6000 Waveform Analyzer. Completely programmable, 9″ $ 335
display, IEEE-488 i/o, versatile plugin digitizing preamps.

DATA PRECISION 6000A Waveform Analyzer, has higher-speed processor, $ 440
240k data point memory, and 48kB nonvolatile memory.

DATA PRECISION 6100 Waveform Analyzer, the 6000′s big brother adds a $ 650
faster processor, 240k data points memory, floppy interface,
48kB nonvolatile memory, and expanded HPGL plotter support.
Includes a 611-1 four-channel 100ks/S digitizing plugin.

DATA PRECISION 6100B Waveform Analyzer (identical to a 6500), with $ 725
240k data points memory, high-speed DSP coprocessor, 230MB hard
drive, and expanded HPGL plotter support. Includes a 611-1 four-
channel 100ks/S digitizing plugin.

DATA PRECISION 681 Dual Disc Drive for Data 6000/6100 waveform $ 125
analysers. Allows local storage of setups and data for instant recall.
Connects to mainframe controller via 50-pin SCSI cable.

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